About Us

Our Purpose

MotoXriders.net is a Christian motocross ministry. Our purpose is to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the motocross community. We will strive to do this by modeling our lives after Jesus on and off the track through our speech and actions. MotoXriders.net will be holding Chapel services at over 20 races in Arizona each year. These services will be 10-15 minutes and consist of music, prayer, and a short bible message. The goal of the message will be to grow fellow Christians that race and to reach out to non Christians, and help them come to see the need for Jesus in each one of our lives.

MotoXriders.net was a website started by Kirk Goings in 2004. Kirk got a great website started with the help from Scott at www.panicrev.org.I (Ryan Mortensen) was saved July 28th, of 2004 and was on fire to tell anyone and everyone about Jesus. I had grown up racing and started racing at the Pro level in 1998. So I saw motocross as the perfect place to share what I had come to know about the Bible and the Salvation we all need that can only come from Jesus (Acts 4:12).

I moved to back to Arizona in the summer of 2005 and hooked up with Kirk to get this ministry out to the tracks. We did our first service at Speedworld that same summer. The message was done by Kirk’s friend Pastor Ruben Juarez. After this first service, Pastor Ruben got a job at a church that would make it impossible to do the chapel services at the track. So Kirk stepped in and did next couple races. But he also was unable to attend most of the races. So it was left to me.

In September of 2005 I did my first service at Ocotillo Raceway in Eloy, AZ. It was a very scary and nerve racking experience. I feel I am a very new Christian and didn’t feel that I had the authority to teach God’s word. But for this ministry to survive and to get the Gospel message to the racers of Arizona, it was left to me. When I was done that day with the first message, it felt amazing. I felt really great to let God use me as a tool to get His message out.

The messages that I do, are all Bible based, and I use notes from other pastor’s for many of my services. I just try to break it down to the simplest terms, so I fully grasp what I am preaching. Also, so that people of all ages will be able to get something out of it. In attempts to make the ministry totally legit, we have registered with the government as a 501(c)(3) set forth under the Federal IRS Publication 557. As for myself, I have registered with New Horizon Ministry as an ordained minister. I was ordained on October 14th, 2005. New Horizon Ministry has granted this authority to perform Christian services and religious duties in accordance with State and Federal Laws.

We also encourage all believers to be a part of our race team. This team is to encourage each other to fellowship with other team members at the track. All team members we will strive to be a positive presence at the track and spread the love and message of Jesus.

Thanks for reading about MotoXriders.net and I will be praying that I will see you at a chapel service at the track in the near future!

In Christ,
Rev. Ryan Mortensen